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UK FIRES holds regular in-person and remote events for our Living Lab partners, and for wider representatives from key sectors to explore our past and present work, and to contribute to our future work with the needs of their organisation and sector at the forefront.

The Living Lab meetings are held monthly and are chaired by Sam Turner. They include seminars from researchers and partners, and present an opportunity for Living Lab members to engage with, and help shape our research and outputs. A list of previous meeting dates is below.

Our workshop series was developed from the engagement and impact of our Absolute Zero report. Representatives from key sectors attended and contributed to wide-ranging and creative discussions about sector decarbonisation pathways under the constraints presented by Absolute Zero.

The outcome of these workshops is our series of sector reports.

Living Lab – past meetings
11th Living Lab15th December 2021
10th Living Lab14th September 2021
9th Living Lab13th July 2021
8th Living Lab16th March 2021
7th Living Lab15th December 2020
6th Living Lab7th September 2020
5th Living Lab24th June 2020
4th Living Lab31st March 2020
3rd Living Lab27th January 2020
2nd Living Lab11th November, 2019
1st Living Lab23rd September 2019

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