Annual Forum 2022

10.00-13.00 | 19th July | online

Join the UK FIRES team for a morning of inspirational talks and creative brainstorming about accelerating delivery of the UK’s climate targets through rapid growth of new commercial ventures based on saving energy.

UK FIRES is the leading activity exploring the delivery of UK climate mitigation targets without relying on negative emissions technologies or implausible growth rates in electricity supply. In our first, high-impact report, “Absolute Zero” we predicted that by 2050, the UK will have half the electricity it wants, but that we could live well with zero emissions by using it wisely. We’ve since worked with the UK’s Catapult Centres to reveal specific sectoral innovation opportunities compatible with Absolute Zero and the report of our first Annual Forum in 2021, “Entrepreneurs not Emissions,” details 140 commercial innovation proposals.

In our second Annual Forum in 2022 we will explore how these innovations could move rapidly from start-up to national scale.  For example, we know that we need a new “IKEA of Retrofit” to deliver a million domestic retrofits every year from now to 2050. Who can do what to whom to accelerate the initiation and growth of this business?

Join us and speakers from the forefront of the UK’s innovation community to hear about inspirational exemplars and emerging opportunities.

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