Policy vs reality: Minus 45

A physically grounded analysis of the government's net zero pledge.

Act Now

IPCC models show that we need to start rapid deployment of zero carbon processes and infrastructure now so as to avoid damaging levels of climate change.


Reducing consumption emissions to net zero by 2050 requires a total transformation of the UK industrial system, through progressive carbon budgets translated into significant improvements in Resource Efficiency.


The UK FIRES consortium brings together industries that will require the greatest changes to achieve zero emissions: energy, manufacturing and materials, construction, food and beverage, and transport.


Read Absolute Zero, the foundational report of the UK FIRES programme showing how the UK economy can reach zero using today's technologies.
"Delivering on the UK’s commitment to zero emissions in 2050 presents a tremendous opportunity for UK industries to develop strategies for global leadership through innovation compatible with a safe climate."
Professor Julian Allwood - UK Fires Director

Read our reports

Read our reports
From Steel Arising to Absolute Zero...

Explore our research

Explore our research
UK FIRES research themes to address the key challenges for reaching net zero

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Join our programme
Brochure describing the UK FIRES programme and its consortium
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