Announcement: Annual Forum 2021 agenda

Tuesday 20th July | 9am-12.30pm

9:00-9:15Introduction and Welcome
Provide format for delegate participation
Prof. Julian Allwood, UK FIRES (Chair)
9:15-9:50Segment 1: “How can the UK prosper with 45% less emissions?”
Talk 1
Talk 2
Talk 3

Talk 4
Discussion 1
Paul Huggins, CE, Carbon Trust
Prof. Mark Jolly, TransFIRE
Prof. Frances Wall, The Interdisciplinary
Circular Economy Centre in Technology
Libby Peake, Green Alliance
10:25-11:00Segment 3: “What opportunities are there to transfer successful solutions to a new application, in order to achieve zero emissions faster?”
Talk 9
Talk 10
Talk 11
Talk 12

Discussion 3
Dr. Jon Cullen, C-Thru
Prof. Tim Schwanen, Transport Studies Group
Ed McCann, Institution of Civil Engineers
Prof. Iain Todd & Prof. Konstantinos Salonitis, Manufacturing using Advanced Powder Processes
11:00-11:10Coffee break
11:10-11:45Segment 4: “Where is the richest space for entrepreneurship – if you were an entrepreneur what business would you set up?”
Talk 13

Talk 14
Talk 15

Talk 16

Discussion 4
Prof. David Cebon, The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight
Prof. Fiona Charnley, Director CE-Hub
Prof. David Knowles, CEO Henry Royce Institute
Prof. Jin Xuan, The Interdisciplinary Centre for Circular Chemical Economy
11:45-12:20Segment 5: “Who is going to champion faster rates of change to reach zero emissions?”

Talk 17

Talk 18

Talk 19

Talk 20

Discussion 5
Prof Lorraine Whitmarsh, Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations
Owen Jackson, Government Office of Science
Simon Sturgis, The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products
Nick Molho, Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity
Closing remarks from Prof. Julian Allwood, UK FIRES

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