Agenda – ABSOLUTE ZERO TRANSPORT INNOVATION WORKSHOP | Friday 23rd April, 9:30 – 12:30

What are the opportunities for growth if we are realistic about the path to zero emissions?

How can your business innovate and prosper within an Absolute Zero transportation system?

On 23rd April the UK FIRES research group is hosting the Absolute Zero Transport Innovation Workshop. This industry workshop  aims to capture the business opportunities which occur if we transition to zero emissions by 2050 using only today’s technology (i.e. with energy restraint, very little CCS and very little hydrogen).

This stark techno-realistic perspective to climate change mitigation, first outlined in our Absolute Zero Report, reveals new opportunities for reaching zero emissions. Following the transport workshop, UK FIRES will publish a report outlining how these innovations enable a transition to zero emissions and communicate these findings to government, the CCC and the catapult centres.

Workshop Agenda:

09.30: Introduction to the Absolute Zero methodology, Professor Julian Allwood & Professor David Cebon

10:00: Facilitator led breakout session by transport mode, exploring innovation and business growth opportunities within each mode

  • Group 1. Passenger rail
  • Group 2. Rail freight
  • Group 3. Passenger road
  • Group 4. Road freight
  • Group 5. Public & shared transport
  • Group 6. Personal transport (walking, cycling)

 10:40: Break

 1050: Facilitator led breakout session by purpose for travel, exploring innovation and business growth opportunities from a multimodal approach (using our energy demand predicter tool here)

  • Group 1:  Travel for work and education
  • Group 2: Social travel and recreation
  • Group 3: Distribution of goods and services
  • Group 4: Traditional B2B freight
  • Group 5: Provision of information to support all transport services  

11.50: Discussion of next steps and close.

If you would like to take part in the workshop, please see more information on our website and on Linked In and sign up here.

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