What are the opportunities for growth if we are realistic about the path to zero emissions? How can your business innovate and prosper within an Absolute Zero transportation system?

All other plans for climate mitigation assume rapid deployment of new energy technologies, such as CCS and Hydrogen, but this is very high risk. UKFIRES is the first research consortium to restrict zero emission strategies to those which can be deployed within the next 29 years.

This stark techno-realistic perspective to climate change mitigation, first outlined in our Absolute Zero report, is the foundation of our Absolute Zero Value Lab workshops series. The workshops have been organised in response to the UK’s High Value Manufacturing Catapults’ request for UK FIRES to identify the growth opportunities which are uniquely revealed by our perspective within the Absolute Zero framework.

The fourth workshop in our Absolute Zero Value Lab series is focussing on Transport Systems. If all vehicles are electrified, but we are short of zero-emission electricity, who can prosper as we connect people and goods in new ways?

We will be bringing together some of the UK’s leading thinkers and practitioners to answer this question and many more as we explore the rich innovation space arising from our transition to zero emissions. Themes will include decarbonising personal and business travel, multi-modal transportation options, sustainable freight and next generation logistics.​

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Want to know more? Read Absolute Zero and find out more about our previous Absolute Zero Value Lab workshops here 

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